Our specialty is natural edge slabs perfect for tabletops
Our specialty is natural edge slabs perfect for tabletops

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Berkshire Products Inc. is one of the largest suppliers of unique and wide kiln-dried natural edge slabs and burls. We are located in the Berkshire mountains, in the Southwest corner of Massachusetts.

For nearly 30 years we have been selling our fine woods to woodworkers, cabinetmakers, designers, architects, and craftsmen from all over the world.  We travel all over the country locating hard to find logs and burls that we can saw into unique and beautiful pieces of wood for our customers.

We carry both native and exotic hardwoods up to 22'6" long, up to 90" wide, and up to 8" thick!  Almost all our lumber is kiln-dried.

We also have an excellent selection of book matched sets, matched flitches, quartersawn lumber, instrument woods, table legs and bases.

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