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The Country's Largest Selection of Unique Slabs & Burls
About Us:
We have 4 buildings of natural edge slabs for customers to browse through

Berkshire Products, Inc., located in Sheffield, MA, was started in 1987 by Alan Zablonski, a former woodworking teacher. His love of working with highly figured and unique wood has resulted in our business having one of the largest selections of large natural edge slabs, burls, and unique figured lumber in the country.kind table and bar tops.

Alan with two large Big Leaf Maple burls

Our Mission is to give a second life to large urban trees that had to be removed. These trees are too large for conventional sawmills, so in the past they were often not utilized and just disposed of. We have several specially designed sawmills that allow us to saw these trees and make them into gorgeous one of a kind table and bar tops.

Milling a large burl with our Woodmizer WM1000

Quality Wood - We travel the country to personally select most of the logs we saw. We saw the logs on our Woodmizer WM1000 bandsaw mill, cutting lumber up to 70" wide and 35' long.  

We don't rush the drying process of the slabs. We air dry our lumber for up to 3 years (until the slabs reach 20% moisture content), then finish drying most of our slabs in one of our custom designed vacuum kilns. This method produces high quality lumber that has little cupping or twisting.

After drying, all slabs are sanded flat and cleaned on both faces so the customer not only gets a better idea of what the wood looks like, but is saved time and money.

One of our many aisles of vertically stacked wood slabs

Easy Selection- Our lumber is spread out over 4 spacious buildings with over 1,000 bins and racks for easy customer selection.  Most of the natural edge slabs are displayed in vertical racks for easy viewing.  

We also have a showroom with finished pieces to give you an idea of what can be done with our wood.  

Some of our wide slabs are listed on our website with very detailed high quality photos. However, we only have about 1/10 of our inventory currently online, so feel free to visit or contact someone in our sales office for assistance with your slab searching!

The unloading of a 7' diameter 25,000 lb Douglas Fir log

We are a full service lumber business and offer custom sawing and milling.

We have 2 Woodmizer bandsaw mills along with a chainsaw mill.

For milling we have two 24" planers, a 54" wide 2 head SCM belt sander, plus a Mattison straight line rip saw.

We offer shipping of almost all of our slabs. To ensure safe transport to you, the slabs are wrapped in plastic then shipped in a custom built fully enclosed wooden crate and sent via freight carrier.

Customers from all over the Northeast tell us it is well worth the drive to visit and personally hand select lumber for their projects. We are located in the southwest corner of Massachusetts where New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts meet. We are just a 2 ½ hr drive from both Boston and New York City and a 1½ hr drive from Albany.