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River Reclaimed Cypress
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Our River Reclaimed Cypress Inventory

We have over 75 River Reclaimed Cypress slabs in stock online in sizes that usually range:

  • Up to 50" wide
  • Up to 17' long
  • Up to 2" thick

Origin: River Recovered Cypress, also known as Sinker Cypress or Old Growth Cypress, is primarily found in the rivers and bogs of Southern states. Many of these logs were over 1000 years old when cut down 100 to 200 years ago. (On a few of our slabs you can even see the V-shape of the axe cut) These logs sank to the bottom of rivers as they were floated down river to saw mills and this is why they are also referred to as Sinker Cypress.

Color: As these salvaged logs lay underwater for hundreds of years they absorbed the minerals from the water they were submerged in and the color of the wood became richer and more variegated over time. As a result, the light yellowish brown color of River Recovered Cypress is widely varied and each piece is unique.

Decay and Weather Resistance: Cypress has a natural preservative oil so it is very durable and has a high decay and rot resistance. Old growth Cypress is much more durable than new growth so is much more prized than new growth Cypress.

Workability: Sharp tools and light passes are recommended when working with Cypress to avoid tear-out. Cypress has good gluing, nailing, and finishing properties.

Uses: It is in high demand for historical restorations and new house construction, exterior construction and interior trim. Fine furniture makers prize the wood for its durability and beauty.

Cypress, River Reclaimed

We are one of the biggest and oldest suppliers of large natural live edge wood slabs in the country.

We have over 10,000 kiln dried live edge slabs in stock with nearly 50 species to choose from. In our inventory we have slabs up to 75" wide, up to 20' long, and up to 8" thick.


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