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White Oak
quercus alba
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Our White Oak Inventory

We have White Oak slabs in stock online in sizes that usually range:

  • Up to 45" wide
  • Up to 12' long
  • Up to 8" thick

Origin: White Oak is found in the Eastern United States.

Color: The heartwood is a light to medium brown with a red hue. The sapwood is a cream to light brown sapwood is usually very narrow and not clearly defined from the heartwood.

Janka Hardness: 1350 (hard). Hardness is comparible to Ash.

Durability: Rated as very durable.

Decay and Weather Resistance: White Oak has pores that are usually plugged with tyloses, a froth-like growth, that makes the wood impervious to liquids. Therefore it is frequently used in boatbuilding applications.

Workability: White Oak is a very heavy wood (weighing in around 3.8 pounds per board foot after kiln dried). It has moderately high shrinkage while drying and seasoning must be done carefully to avoid checking and warping. It is a good wood to use when steam-bending. It glues, stains, and finishes well.

Uses: White Oak is used often for flooring and furniture. Because of its non-porous heartwood It is a great option for making tight barrels, kegs, and casks. It has also been the leading wood for the construction of ships and boats.

Oak, White

We are one of the biggest and oldest suppliers of large natural live edge wood slabs in the country.

We have over 10,000 kiln dried live edge slabs in stock with nearly 50 species to choose from. In our inventory we have slabs up to 75" wide, up to 20' long, and up to 8" thick.


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