Inventory - Species:
Claro Walnut
juglans hidsii

DESCRIPTION – Claro Walnut is found primarily in northern California. It can grow up to 5’ or more in diameter and is usually a little darker than american walnut. 

PROPERTIES -Claro usually has varying degrees of burly or curly figure and its color is usually variegated making it very desirable for furniture making.  It is very easy to work with.  Because of the high demand and limited supply for this beautiful wood it can be quite expensive especially in large sizes.

USES –  Claro walnut is also used as the root stock for growing English Walnut trees (the kind you eat).   English walnuts ,though, will not grow in California soil so they are grafted to Claro Walnut. Slabs cut from these produce lumber with two types of wood and an interesting graft line. Furniture and tables make from this lumber make great conversation pieces. People find the story of how this lumber comes from grafted orchard trees very interesting.  It is a very stable wood making it ideal for making wide Nakashima style table tops and gun stocks.  

CLARO WALNUT SLABS WE NORMALLY STOCK – We always have lots of slabs up to 36” wide with varying degrees of figure.  Logs that produce long and wider slab are hard to find since  it can take 2 to 4 years to properly kiln dry claro walnut.  These sizes are harder to keep in stock.


Walnut, Claro
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4/4 or thinner 5/4 6/4 8/4 10/4 12/4 16/4 or thicker
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