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Claro Walnut
juglans hidsii

Origin:  Claro Walnut is found primarily in northern California.  These ttrees can grow up to 5" or more in diameter.  Claro Walnut trees are used as the root stock in California for growing English Walnut trees which produce most of the walnuts that we eat.   (English Walnut trees will not grow in California soil so they need to be grafted to Claro Walnut trees.)  Sometimes slabs cut from these trees produce lumber with both species of wood and an interesting graft line.  Furniture made from this lumber makes a great conversation piece!

Color:  Claro Walnut is a little darker than American Black Walnut.  The heartwood can range from a light brown to a dark chocolate brown with light and dark brown streaks.  The color can sometimes have a gray, purple, or red hue.  The sapwood is an off-white color. Claro often has varying degrees of burly or curly figure and its color is often beautifully variegated.

Janka Hardness:  1130 (medium)  Similiar in hardness to Black Walnut.

Decay and Weather Resistance:  Rated as very durable in regard to decay resistance.

Workability:  It is very easy to work with assuming the grain is straight and regular; you may have tear-out when using the planer if the grain is irregular.  Claro glues,stains and finishes well.  Because of the high demand and limited supply for this beautiful species it can be quite expensive especially in large sizes and long lengths.

Uses:  Claro Walnut is a very stable wood making it ideal for making wide Nakashima style table tops and also gun stocks.  Its interesting colr variegation makes it highly sought after for making high end furniture, cabinetry, musical instruments, venner and turned items.


Walnut, Claro
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